Family Photography

From the moment your baby joins your family time starts to fly. My goal is the capture those precious moments in photographs so that they stay in your memory and in your heart forever. A client of mine told me a few years ago that when the stress of being a mother and wife get to her, she looks at the photographs we captured and smiles and remembers why it is all worth the effort.

When I was first establishing my photography studio in my home I didn't think I was the type to put photographs up on the wall, but I thought it would be a good idea to showcase some of my work as clients came to my home studio. I hung two large photographs of my children (then 4 and 1.5) in the entrance up the stairs. I never imagined how much joy those photographs would bring me. I smile every time I walk up the stairs. I realized after a while that those photographs transformed my house into a home. That is what inspires me as a photographer and I want to bring that same joy to others.

Option 1: $200; $100 is retained as credit towards purchase of photographs.
Option 2: $500; all $500 is retained towards the purchase of photographs (the session is complimentary).

See the "what happens after the session" page for detailed photograph pricing.