Maternity and Newborn

Maternity and Newborn Photography is about capturing a magical moment in a family's life. Everyone tells us it's fleeting, but until you really experience it, it's hard to believe how quickly the time goes by. I recommend scheduling a maternity session around the 7-8 month mark. You'll be showing nicely, but not so large that you're uncomfortable. The newborn schedule is a little trickier to schedule. The ideal time is "as soon as possible." First, newborns change so rapidly that to capture that truly brand-new look you need to get photos very early. Second, newborns are less sensitive to all that goes along with a photo session. You can undress them, wrap them, move them, and they won't really care. Not so with a one-month old. I know how difficult it is for new (and not so new) parents to get out of the house with a baby, so I'll do whatever I can to make the process easier. It's often a good idea to touch base with me as soon as possible after your baby is born so that we can get a date on the calendar. (Call me right after calling the grandparents!) We'll take our time during this session, breaking to nurse/feed or clean up (yes, newborns can be messy).  It's a bit of a commitment, but my hope is that the photographs will make it all worthwhile. 


Option 1: $200; $100 is retained as credit towards purchase of photographs.
Option 2: $500; all $500 is retained towards the purchase of photographs (the session is complimentary).

Combination Session (maternity session and newborn session): $700
All $700 is retained as credit towards the purchase of photographs (a $200 savings)
In addition, if a maternity/newborn combination session is purchased, you can purchase one high-resolution USB for both sessions. (A $1000 savings).

See the "what happens after the session" page for detailed photograph pricing.