What Happens After the Session?

After your session I'll take a few days to edit and finish your photographs. Then comes the really fun part - you get to see your images!

First, you'll see a slideshow of all the images. Then we'll be able to go through image by image, and look at side by side comparisons to determine your favorites. We can discuss different finishes (black and white, for example) and potential crops. We'll evaluate the best way for you to display your photos - wall portraits, collages, books and prints.

The reveal session is fun (and sometimes emotional), but it can feel overwhelming at times. A little homework can help. It's a good idea to think about what you want to do with the photographs.

  • Wall portraits and collages - measure the available wall space you envision for the portrait (the smallest photograph we recommend as a wall display is an 11x14).
  • Desktop prints - what sizes (5x7 and 8x10 are common)? How many will you need? Do you need any as gifts?
  • Books - books are a nice way to have all or most of the images from your session in a convenient and fun display.
  • High-resolution images - would you like to have your images for safe keeping? Are you the "do it yourself" type? Would you like to use an image for a holiday card? If so, there are options to get individual files or the entire session.

A few final suggestions: A photography session is an investment. Although there may be several photos you like, think about investing in fewer pieces, but ones that will last for generations to come. Review the prices and plan a reasonable budget for yourself. I'm happy to offer payment plans.

It's best to come without the kids, so that you can make decisions without pressure. It's also good to have all relevant decision-makers present at the reveal session.


Traditional Portraits

  • 5x7: $30
  • 8x10: $50
  • 11x14: $130
  • 16x20: $240
  • 20x24: $350
  • 24x30: $460
  • 30x40: $600

Gallery Wrapped Canvases

  • 8x10: $200
  • 11x14: $300
  • 16x20: $400
  • 20x24: $500
  • 24x30: $600
  • 30x40: $900


  • 8x8: $650
  • 10x10: $750

High-Resolution Images

  • Individual Image with rights to reproduce: $100
  • USB with session images: $1000 (Half of the cost of any prints you purchase will be deducted from the cost of the USB. Ex: if you purchase a 16x20 wall portrait ($240), then the USB is $880.)